Hi, I am EVA By Synthesys. Welcome to the Founder's Launch...

Bring Your Imagination to Life With TRUE AI
Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video...
Equipped with special features like Canva integration, video personalization, face-swap, AI text-to-image for videos, AI music
generation and more!

All Unlimited, For A Limited Time...

Unlimited Fair Usage

One-time Low Investment

For Seven Days Only

What's EVA?

It's Epic Video AI [EVA] and it's a text and image to-video engine run by Synthesys Technology.
EVA boasts the capabilities to bring your imagination to life - in the form of video...

Just think it and see it in motion...

Animate your imagination in minutes using text & images!

Flexible video dimensions with 1080p quality.

Includes Canva integration for maximum design flexibility!

Add lip-sync to your videos with people, cartoons, etc. in them.

Create connected stories with up to four different scenes

Personalize videos with any human and perform face swaps

Create specific poses in your images & videos with an image

Create AI images for your AI video productions

Create AI Music for your AI video productions (bonus)

And that's just a fraction of what EVA can do...

The Process Is Super-Simple

Step #1

Input Your Prompt or
Upload Your Image

Enter your detailed prompt or upload your desired image to set EVA in Motion.

Step #2

Choose Your Settings &
Click "Generate"

Spice up your creation with detailed settings and configurations for the optimum output. Hit the generate button and watch your imagination come to Life.

Step #3

Download or Save Your
Newly Created AI

Access your creation, simply download your newly generated video to your computer.

Grab Eva Through Me And Unlock 
These Exclusive Bonuses...
Exclusive Bonus #1
Prompts for EVA

To get you off to a great start and show you how EASY it can be to create prompts for EVA, we showcase some of the prompts that we used to create the stunning media that you see on our sales and prelaunch pages.

Copy these prompts or use them as a guide for your own prompts.

Exclusive Bonus #2

As you know, Canva has yet to make the final release to Synthesys. We’re hoping that will occur during launch or immediately afterwards. Due to this, we’re offering you a SPECIAL LIVE TRAINING where we will show you many things that you can do with EVA and Canva together.

We’ll settle on a date for the training after the release and announce it to all our buyers. Please stay tuned for this valuable training.

Exclusive Bonus #3
How To Use CapCut Course

Many of you will want to take your EVA videos and do more with them, but you may not have access to a video editor or know how to use it. CapCut is a FREE video editor that has excellent features and is easy to use. While it includes excellent training, we thought we’d offer some additional insights with this How To course. It includes 21 short videos to get you started and answer your questions, and spark some ideas.

Exclusive Bonus #4
BioLink Creator App

Do you post often on Social Media and want to drive traffic to your offers from there? If yes, this app is a must for you.
This app will create a central bio link for you which you can use on all your social platform's bio such as Instagram, TikTok, etc. With the BioLink Creator App, you can share multiple links at once in a beautiful way and track its performance. You can drive your followers to specific pages, products or articles with a single bio link.
You can fully customize your bio link to fit your brand and with in-built analytics you'll know exactly how each of your links is performing.

Exclusive Bonus #5
Image Editor Software with Commercial Rights

Photo editing does not need complicated tools like Photoshop and does not need to take a long time to do. This custom tool was created for you to make things easy!

You can do simple stuff like cropping or adding a filter or you can do advanced things like layers and grading.

This all-in-one image editor is the last image editor you’ll ever need. And it comes with a COMMERCIAL LICENSE, too.