Turn Your Dead Photos, Ideas & Text Into A Traffic & Sales Machine In Few Simple Steps.

Hey, it’s your friend Ifiok Nk here.

Just as I mentioned before, I've been diving deep into this incredible piece of software recently, and let me tell you, the experience has been nothing short of amazing.

The perfect word to describe it is - breathtaking.

But don’t just take my word for it yet. You'll see some of my creations shortly (or you can scroll down to them right now).

But before that...

It’s no secret that as humans, we are visual beings by nature. We are inherently drawn to things that are pleasing to our eyes.

In fact, our buying decisions are heavily influenced by this.

When you walk into a restaurant or coffee shop for the first time, why do you decide to give them a try? It's often because you saw enticing pictures that caught your attention.

The same principle applies to online stores. Imagine showcasing products on your store with a bland photo. 

Guess what happens?… You’ll experience poor sales.

You can't sell to people if they can’t see what you’re selling or at least something representing it - whether you’re selling a product or service

Visual assets like images are very useful in selling online - far more than a thousands words of perfect written text

But there’s a problem.

The competition online is intense now. To perform well & stand out as a business, you must go beyond REGULAR images.

This is where EVA comes in (the software I mentioned earlier).

EVA optimizes your images for super high performance. It turns your images into short engaging videos - making them come alive.

That's not all... You can even create videos from a simple prompt/text, in minutes.

I’ve been experimenting with it for almost 2 weeks (These are some of my creations)

Source photo

(Here's another one - created from the same source photo)

Watch Video to See How EVA Works...

Effortlessly turn your ideas & photos into captivating short video content.

EVA works perfectly for any kind of business. 

Whatever niche or business you’re involved in, EVA will help you elevate your results.

Turn your ideas into
attention grabbing short videos you can use anywhere for your business

Describe the video & let EVA create it for you in minutes...

... OR, simply upload any image & turn it into an engaging video content

Register for the free class!

Plus get a free bonus from me when you attend live. 

Free Gift: A collection of professionally written image prompts. Use this to create stock images & AI characters for your business in minutes. 

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