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Have Hundreds of Videos Bringing You FREE Traffic DAILY For ANY Niche, Keyword or Market.

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  • Beg others to promote your products
  • Hope that Google ranks your content
  • Create hundreds of blog posts that never get seen by the masses

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Introducing - My Mega Bonuses!

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Bonus #1-AnimaStudio

AnimaStudio is compact image-editing software packed with tools for cropping, resizing, correcting colours, applying presets and effects, as well as drawing with a brush or pen.

It works perfectly for professional artists, designers, and programmers, but is also designed with layman users with any level of experience.

Create Web graphics, icons, images, animations, and much more.

Bonus #2-AgencyManager

AgencyManager is a user sales CRM software to automate and simplify your entire sales process.

AgencyManager is designed to help businesses and marketers organize their sales process and accelerate growth.

  • Enquiry/Lead. Track all your inquiries for various products, sources of your leads, and analyze sales performance in one glance. You can save all your customer contacts and organize them quickly for future use.
  • Follow-ups. Record the complete details of your lead so that your follow-ups are targeted and high-converting. You can log the mode of follow-up, date and time of follow-up, brief about the communication done, next follow-up details and so on. AgencyManager also gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire history of your lead’s follow-up.
  • Closure. Closing deals is a breeze with AgencyManager. It enables you to monitor and track overall sales performance, track the status of lead/inquiry, and record the status of your deal.
  • Reports. Generate a complete overview of your leads, follow-ups and closure details in one click. You can also safefuard your data with AgencyManager’s in-built Backup and Restore Data features. In seconds, you get complete insight of your sales performance, identify your top-selling product, track the top source of your leads, track your history of follow-ups, and track the status of your leads.

Bonus #3-Lead Monster

A one-stop tool for scraping targeted data and leads for your business.

Instantly extract quality leads into a ready-to-use CVS format containing your leads’ full name, corporate email, company details, location, and much more. In one click, you can explode your sales and profits without manually scouring through online forums and groups.

Lead Monster gives you hot, targeted leads in any niche so you can start turning them into real, paying clients right away.

Bonus #4-InvoicePRO

Organize, generate, and manage all your clients’ invoices in one powerful dashboard with InvoicePRO.

InvoicePRO lets you perform wide-ranging accounting-oriented tasks. You can create customized invoices, integrate various devices, and conveniently include multiple tax rates so you and your clients can leave the guesswork out of complicated financial tasks.

Bonus #5-VFX Genie

Add visual and audio effects to all your videos easily. VFX Genie offers rich functionality with its intuitive interface, allowing anyone to create studio-quality videos in a few clicks.

Bonus #6-DFYContracts

DFYContracts lets you sell professionally and securely without the hefty legal fees.

DFYContratcs is an incredibly useful tool that contains many ready-made templates of contracts, which are professionally designed, created, and includes all the necessary points so you can close your deals effortlessly and securely.

Securely protect your confidential information with the in-built support feature for various operating systems, letting you and your customers navigate through the app effortlessly, while also being able to share screenshots of documents with the necessary notes.