Breakthrough App Automatically Finds
Laser-Targeted Buyer Leads In ANY
Niche Using AI Assisted Deep Search In
Just 45 Seconds…

Save time, money & other resources by collecting ONLY targeted leads

  • Fully Cloud Based. Nothing to download or install
  • Save time, money & other resources by targeting ONLY hot leads
  • Easy to use. No Coding Or Technical Skills Required
  • Search & Find ultra-targeted leads using our advanced algorithm
  • Experience the combined power of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning


Location & Niche of businesses

Their Social Media Profiles

Their Online Reviews

Location & Niche of businesses

Their Social Media Profiles

Their Online Reviews

GoogleMyBusiness Status

FB & Google Ad Pixels On Their Website

Their Website & Domain details

GoogleMyBusiness Status

FB & Google Ad Pixels On Their Website

Their Website & Domain details

FREE Commercial License:

Sell targeted leads to clients and earn top dollar for your services

Commercial License Included ONLY
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Our Conversions Skyrocketed Once We
Started Contacting ONLY Targeted Leads
We Found Using ClientFinda






Enter Your Target Audience Filters (Location in the US, Niche, Social Media Presence, Online Reviews etc.)


View Businesses That Are Most Likely To Buy Your Services

(Results powered by AI, NLP & ML… ensuring 99.99% accuracy)

*AI: Artificial Intelligence;
NLP: Natural Language Processing;
ML: Machine Learning


Contact the clients that are most likely to pay you for your services so you don’t waste time, money & other resources on dead leads!


"Started generating leads in less than 2 mins after logging in"

I have used ClientFinda for a few days and I am pleased to report that it does exactly what it claims. In less than 2 mins after logging into the app I had generated some quality leads. I find that the app is extremely easy to use, very intuitive and not at all complicated.


"More clients in the last 9 days than in the last 2 years"

I have had more client calls in the last 9 days than I have had in the last 2 years of buying several agency products. Thanks for all your help! This was really the missing link to finally making money from all my agency purchases.


"$3,500 profit for less than 45 mins work"

I would like to thank you for such an amazing tool. I have now been able to find my first few clients and closed a mega $4,000 deal and the sweet part was I spent less than 45 mins on this as I outsourced everything for less than $500.


"This is more client calls than I can possibly answer"

I was skeptical at first but I gave it a try, and I can honestly say that I'm impressed. From the prospects, I will definitely get more client calls than I can possibly answer. Great way to get the word out about the services you offer.

Hey Fellow Marketers

I’m Ifiok Nkem!

Lead Generation Is Your Business

50% of businesses fail in their first five years.


Having a solid lead generation plan to attract customers to your business is non-negotiable.

I have been running my business online for long enough to know that every single word in the previous statement is true.

And for LEADS I have tried everything under the sun…And made almost all "School Boy Errors" You Can Think Of...







The problem with these methods & tools is that they help you generate dead leads.

And you end up…

Trying To Sell
The WRONG Services/Products
To The WRONG Businesses


Poor Conversions

Less Engagement

Low Sales

Low Profit

Having wasted thousands of dollars and a couple of years… I decided to build my own software that will help me find highly-targeted and pre-qualified leads.

After having generated thousands of leads for our business… We decided to share this technology with the world.

Use ClientFinda To Find
Ultra-Targeted Leads Across The USA To:

Sell your products & services

Sell products/services using Agency Licenses that you have for the tools that you’ve purchased


The First-Ever Lead Scraping Software On JVZoo With
Built-In DEEP SEARCH Powered By AI, NLP & ML

Commercial License Included ONLY
When You Act NOW!

Now Create & Sell Pre-Qualified Leads
In Just 3 Simple Steps



Enter Your Target Audience Filters (Location, Niche, Social Media Presence, Online Reviews etc.)



View Businesses That Are Most Likely To Buy Your Services

(Results powered by AI, NLP & ML… ensuring 99.99% accuracy)

*AI: Artificial Intelligence; NLP:
Natural Language Processing; ML:
Machine Learning



Contact the clients that are most likely to pay you for your services so you don’t waste time, money & other resources on dead leads!

Your Scavenger Hunt For
Clients Ends Now!


We connect supply with enormous demand by giving you a list of leads that would be readily interested to buy your product or service.

They don’t have a Google My Business listing yet? Great, here’s your opportunity to dive right in & save the day!


When you give your client exactly what they need, nothing can stop you from making skyrocketing sales…

We give you insights about the exact area of concern for your potential clients so that you can floor them with your business offering instantly. Increase engagement by contacting clients with prior knowledge of the problems their businesses are facing.

They have ineffective ads? Sell high converting ads to them as soon as you connect with them almost like you read their mind!


ClientFinda doesn’t give you a random list of names that you keep chasing to buy your product!

Instead it gives you leads that actually need you, increasing your chances of sealing the deal immediately!


Feel like you were always in the right business and yet you haven’t been able to find clients across the USA & grow your sales?

ClientFinda helps you keep these feelings at bay! It gets laser-targeted customers to your doorstep without the hassles of wasting time and money on ineffective agencies and softwares.

Watch ClientFinda In Action

Commercial License Included ONLY
When You Act NOW!

ClientFinda Is Packed With
Powerful Features

Laser-Precise Lead Generation In
Sync With Client Websites & Domains

Website URL

Many local businesses & established brands have a website...but having that website is simply not enough.

Now reach out to such businesses with the help of ClientFinda URL search to increase their client conversions by enhancing their websites.

(Name your price for this service that is the need of the hour in the wake of the pandemic)

Website Technology

Simplistic websites do nothing except serve an aesthetic value.

Dive right into providing the right technology to the right business to raise their sales through the roof.

Use powerful integrations like Shopify & WordPress to give them what it takes to succeed in the digital world.

(Help businesses & your bank account grow at the same time)

Domain Registration Date

This powerful search option lets you find newly launched products & services based on their domain registration that desperately need to create an incredible brand image.

Now provide services like logo creation and digital marketing solutions to businesses that have registered their domain less than a month ago...

(Scale your business by helping new businesses prosper)

Domain Expiry

You will be surprised to learn how many businesses quit the digital world owing to all the hassles that come with it.

Find & connect with businesses that have an expired domain...reignite hope in their lives by offering them your marketing services & help them dominate their niche.

(Give a second-chance to dying businesses in exchange for the big bucks & blessings)

Domain Registrar & Nameserver

Convert multiple clients at once through domain registrar and nameserver search.

NameCheap,, GoDaddy are a few such examples.

Get access to all the businesses that need your services to create an impactful digital presence.

(Bulk client conversion has never been easier or more profitable)

Social Media Footprint Tracing For
High-Converting Leads

Linkedin Profile

If the business has an existing LinkedIn profile along with details about their connections....

Facebook Profile

If the business has a Facebook account along with statistics such as page likes, posts & activity...

Facebook Messenger

Do they have an active Facebook Messenger account?


If the business is on Twitter...with details like number of followers, tweets & re-tweets!

Instagram Profile

Are they using Instagram to promote their business? Do they have a business account or is it personal?

Is it verified? How active are they?

Along with important factors like account name, number of followers, number of accounts the business is following…

Their activity details like number of photos posted, average likes & comments per post.

Are they creating reels & adding highlights to their profile?

And lots more..

Deep Lead Search Based On Email Service Provider

Track leads based on which email service provider do they use…

Are they using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail or others?

Find out instantly and leverage to provide your appropriate services.

Ad Type & Analytics Filter For
Lead Generation

Ad Status

You can now find out if your potential lead is running ads along with the kind of ad they are running.

The ad medium identification is done for you across platforms- Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Adwords…

Based on their brand needs & preferences, you can reach out to them with ready-to-use ads.

Ad Pixels

Find out the extent of brand involvement in ad generation. With ClientFinda, you can find out if the business has either Google or Facebook pixel installed on their website.

If yes, then reach out to them instantly with your ad management services...because they’d be readily interested!

Google Analytics

Instantly understand if your lead is using Google Analytics to track and grow their brand on their website.

Jump in & save the day by helping them understand the insights better.

Linkedin Analytics

Find out if the lead in question is using Linkedin Analytics so that you help them bridge the gap of understanding & enhancing their brand activity on the platform.

Review Based Target Identification

Google Reviews

Find out about the brand popularity by instantly accessing their google stars & reviews.

Give solutions to make their Google reviews & ratings better!

Yelp Reviews

Understand how many reviews has the brand received on Yelp and what is its rating to enhance it further!

Facebook Reviews

Check out the Facebook stars & reviews received by the business to provide your services accordingly...

Criteria Specific Lead Provision

Mobile Optimization

Find out if the lead’s website is mobile friendly. Well, if it is’s good news! (Trust us, most websites aren’t!)

You can help them target mobile traffic and charge $4000 for a job that’ll cost you $100.

Keep the entire profit margin in your pocket.

Schema Markup

Know about all the websites that don’t use schema markup to provide them your services for the top dollar.

Google Rank

How well does the business rank on Google? Does the website use optimization effectively?

If not, here’s your chance to dive in & charge them a lofty monthly fee for search engine optimization.

GMB Status

Find out if your lead has Google My Business location enabled! If not, help them claim their location by selling your specialised services to them.

Their Location

Identify where the business is located down right from the country, state and city down to the street with the help of zip code search.

Next-Gen Automated

The smart interface provides optimal lead searches based on 3 next-gen technologies- Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Machine. Here’s to effortless skyrocketing client conversions.

Tested By Beta Users

ClientFinda has been tried and tested to provide amazing results by independent Beta users. The lead generation mechanism has left them spell bound & their sales rising through the roof...

Easy Training

While this software has been designed to help even newbies, we also provide training videos to help ease your way around this incredible tool.

Automatic Updates

We push automatic upgrades to help you ace your game at all times without any extra effort.

100% Hosted On The Cloud

ClientFinda is hosted on reliable cloud servers. You will never have to worry about downloading or installing anything. Simply access via any web browser from across devices.

Round-The-Clock Assistance

You can reach out to our team of technical geniuses to solve any queries and issues that you may have instantly...regardless of the time!

Commercial Rights Included

Sell laser-targeted leads to businesses across niches & make big fat commissions without any hassles.

Customers Across The Globe Have Already
Begun Making Huge Profits By Selling
Highly-Converting Leads...


"$2,500 Digital Marketing Service Deal"

I sell digital marketing services, and I just sold a $2,500 service package. My client is a lead I found on ClientFinda. I love this app, it is my new secret weapon! I would recommend it to any company looking to get more clients and sales.


"This is the best tool for finding clients"

I work with the top 3% of freelancers. Clientfinda is the best tool for finding clients. It is built by marketers and for marketers. The team has a fantastic vision for where the platform is going. I highly recommend it.


"17 appointments, 3 Sales In 1 week"

I've been beta testing ClientFinda to find clients in the USA for my social media consulting business and I've been able to generate 17 appointments and 3 high ticket sales in 6 days. I'm thrilled with the results.


"A great support team who always respond quickly"

I have tried many clients and lead finding apps in the market. This is by far the best.. and it's getting better all the time with more features being added before launch day... and they have a great support team who always respond quickly with great answers.


"Amazing training and mentorship included"

I am at the last stage of closing a client. I was surprised how easy the whole process was thanks to the amazing training and mentorship included. I had no prior experience in freelancing before joining though I have purchased agency products from JVZoo.

Dr Ewenyi

"I had my doubts at first… just what we needed"

I'm already getting real leads from it. I had my doubts at first, but I'm very happy that I went ahead and purchased during the special founder’s deal. This is just what we needed to get us going.

Raving Reviews About Ifiok
& SnapiLAB’s Products & Offers


One thing that stands out about Ifiok and his team is their amazing support


Ifiok offers free mentorship and coaching to his users that you will easily pay a lot of money for out there


Ifiok has an exceptional customer service - I have many of his products... I'm satisfied with all of thema


Ifiok is passionate about what he does... he really does care about the success of his customers


I always love Ifiok's product because even after selling to you, he never leaves you hanging


I'm impressed about how Ifiok has been so consistent... he creates apps that actually helps his users earn money

Commercial License Included ONLY
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Level Up Your Lead-Generation Game With
Our Exclusive Limited Period Bonuses!

Exclusive Bonus #1

FREE Commercial License

During this launch special offer, ClientFinda comes with FULL commercial rights WITHOUT upgrading to pro.

So you can sell Lead Generation as a service to local businesses and digital service providers for top dollar and keep 100% of the profits to yourself. Commercial rights will normally sell for a monthly recurring fee of $997 per month, but you’re getting today ONLY if you take action right now.

Exclusive Bonus #2

No-Pitch Lead Generation Agency Accelerator Training Program

How do you turn this opportunity into a true & sustainable agency business, and not a case of one client today and another client in three months time?

Today, we are giving you FREE commercial rights without upgrading PRO, but we don’t want it to be like the other commercial rights you’ve been getting that goes un-utilized!


Zero to Profits Agency Accelerator Program - this is a step by step training program that’ll walk you through everything you need to start and scale a widely successful Lead Generation Agency and start closing clients from day one. Just so you know, we’ll be paying attention to the nitty-gritty details to ensure that even the freshest of onliners gets results.

Exclusive Bonus #3

Exclusive Access To The Ifiok Nk's Private Skype Mentorship/Coaching For 365 Days

Get INSTANT Access To My Private Mentorship Program that gives you FREE membership access to my exclusive Skype group, where I will be closely coaching just a few students for the next 365 days…

This mentorship program comes with;

- Private and exclusive mentorship classes and an opportunity to connect with me one on one.
- Bi-weekly training webinars where we teach and mentor you one on one(no sales pitch, 100% value every time)
- Loads and loads of actionable and valuable content, hacks and Bonuses worth over $2997 are available for free.
- And much more!

Exclusive Bonus #4

UNLIMITED Access To Our Webinar Replay Vault

Also, once you take action on this page right now, you get FREE unlimited access to our exclusive webinar replay vault. Each of these webinars normally costs a registration fee of $497 per attendant, but when you jump on the ClintFinda offer today, you get INSTANT access to our replay vault.

PLUS access to all future webinar replays.

Some of the topics covered includes;

- The Closing Roadmap: The 3 stages of closing the deal!
- The 6 phases of objections on phone closing.
- The 4W Formular To Fill Your Pipeline With Real Buyer Leads
- Four Easy Stories That Brings Sales
- From Zero to 100k in 12 Months - Step By Step Training
- Becoming A Traffic Magnet: How To EASILY 10X Your Social Presence
- And many more

Exclusive Bonus #5

SFO/Ifiok Nk's Bi-Weekly Coaching Class

Twice every week, my team and I go on a special training session with selected members of our community.

On the first episode for the week, Wednesdays, we do an in-depth training; spilling out all the secrets, strategies and hacks and on how to apply them to their business. And the second day(Saturday), we do a live Q & A session where we take everybody's questions and challenges they've faced trying to implement what they've learnt and help them in real-time.

Immediately you get access to ClientFinda today, you'll be given access to the training update group, so you can be part of that select few!

Now how does that sound?

Exclusive Bonus #6

One-On-One Live Zoom Coaching & Consultation Call

Book a FREE 15 Minutes One on One Customer Success Session With Us!

We’ll Go Live On a 15 Minutes Call With You Via Zoom And Provide Solutions & Answers To All Your Support Queries And Inquiries in real-time…

This is an opportunity to get experts to take a look at your business and provide you with actionable advice and solutions with absolutely no costs… And you can book as many sessions as you want.

Commercial License Included ONLY
When You Act NOW!

You Are One Step Away From
Setting Up Your Own Targeted
Lead Selling Agency

Exclusive Limited Period Commercial License Included

We haven’t heard of a single business that doesn’t need customers...

Of course, there is no need to state the obvious but if you’ve gotta survive in the world, you’ve gotta have a strong digital hold.

Businesses across the globe have had enough of being cheated by agencies, "experts" and scam artists on the internet that promise them returns in exchange for huge amounts of money.

When you enter the scene with your one-click solution that provides them specialised leads that will actually turn into customers & sales...they will accept you with open arms.

We don’t even need to mention, just how much businesses will be ready to pay for a service that will guarantee profits for their brand.

So when you get ClientFinda today, you give businesses across the globe the chance to survive and thrive...while making big commissions & agency fees for yourself along the way!

Here’s The Current Prices For
Lead Generation

Just Imagine How Much You Can Make Using ClientFinda




Get ClientFinda Today!

Customer targeting & lead generation are the most impossible seeming tasks for all businesses with an online presence.

ClientFinda lets you dominate the virtual world by providing you a shortcut to find & sell leads for all niches.

Within minutes of the purchase, you will have something that others are yearning to get their hands on…

Don’t lose this opportunity to grab ClientFinda at the lowest one-time cost to assert your authority...while the others are left wondering!

We Promise So You Don’t Have To!
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

ClientFinda is available to you at the best price it’ll ever be offered can generate unlimited niche-specific leads and earn the top dollar from the minute you hit buy now.

You’ve got a whole month to discover just how badly every business needs your service & catch a glimpse of how much money you can make…

But just in case lead generation isn’t your cup of tea, we’ll understand. You can simply write to us within 30 days of your purchase to get a full refund instantly.

There is no risk involved, we promise!

ClientFinda Gets You The Leads & Profits

That You Need To Succeed

Grab Now At The Lowest Cost EVER

  • Find Highly-Targeted Leads

  • Find Targeted Leads Based On:
  • Websites & Domains
  • Social Media Activity
  • Email Service Provider
  • Social Media Reviews
  • Ads & Marketing
  • Location
  • Mobile Optimization
  • GMB Status
  • Schema Markup

  • 100% Cloud Based - Nothing To Download

  • Works For Any Type Of Niche

  • Ultra-Fast Servers Speed

  • Beautiful & User-Friendly Dashboard

  • Crucial Stats

  • Massive Boost In Conversions & Profits

  • Commercial Rights Included

Today Only: One Time Fee

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Meet The Founder

For those that don’t know me, my name is Ifiok Nkem. I’m a successful digital marketer, tech entreprenuer & an official member of the Forbes Business Council.

A medical doctor turned tech entrepreneur. Starting with $100 & a ‘borrowed laptop’, I built a multi-million dollar online biz + multiple software products with more than 40k paid users from 47 countries.

In 2020, I was screened and accepted to join the prestigious Forbes Business Council in recognition of my track record of successfully impacting entrepreneurs like you & small businesses like yours. Now is your turn... give me the opportunity to impact you & too through my ClientFinda software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions?

The sky's the limit with ClientFinda. With the front end version, you can run unlimited searches for 1,000 clients per month for 10 projects. A small one time fee upgrade to the pro version allows you to unlock unlimited leads and clients.

Q. Do I Need To Install Any Software?

ClientFinda is 100% hosted on the cloud...this means you will never have anything to download or install. Simply access from any device at any time.

Q. Do You Have a Full Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, though we have designed an incredible product that we are proud of. We understand your apprehensions as a customer and so we provide a 30-day full money back guarantee. Simply write to us & receive it instantly.

Q. How Do I Get Support?

Reach out to our specialised team at to solve any queries or issues that you may have. Also you have the option to book on a 1-on-1 zoom call with me and my team to sort any issue you may have either on the tech or business side of things.

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If you close this page and come back later, you risk paying a lot more for ClientFinda.
Click HERE To Get it now so you don’t regret later. See you inside!

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